The Cactus Collection

Today I officially entered the Instagram illustration world with my first post. This took a surprising amount of forethought. When do I post? What is my Instagram brand? How do I be consistent while creating new material? How do I constantly create new material that inspires me and will hopefully inspire others?

After searching through all my favorite illustration Instagram accounts I created a plan. I have a set of hashtags that I am going to try to use to increase followers. I am going to post on the same days at the same times to take advantage of popular Instagram times and remain consistent. All my illustrations will be shot in a similar layout but with backgrounds that correlate with their themes.

My first post - The Cactus Collection - was inspired by my love for illustrated coloring books and plants. I have eight plants in my small bedroom alone. I expect this will become a common theme over the next few months. Moving forward I will continue to post my illustrations on this blog, my Instagram and my Pinterest.