Carolina Basketball: A Love Story

Carolina Basketball.

Like every great love it makes you laugh, cry, scream and smile. It leaves you feeling happy (oh so happy), sad, anxious, angry, elated and sometimes disappointed. It leaves you hanging by a thread just to pull you back in even tighter.

When you are near it you become so overcome by emotion you find it hard to explain to other people your feelings unless they too have been that in love. It still gives you the same butterflies everytime you watch it. You find yourself becoming protective over it and if anyone is to speak badly of it you are immediately on the defensive.

You find yourself dressing different than before. To show it your commitment and love, Blue becomes the only color you wear. You start putting on more makeup but it consists mostly of paint and glitter. You find yourself hanging out with mutual friends more because you see eye-to-eye, but your friends from other schools start thinking you are spending to much time with them. They don't see your loyalties have changed.

It makes you want to settle down for the rest of your days. You don't need another love like this. It makes you want that ring.