City of Oaks

Last Saturday I made the long journey to Raleigh, otherwise known as the City of Oaks, otherwise known as the City of Couples with Babies and Slightly Older Dogs. I was initially tempted by a Facebook event that promised beer, food trucks and art, the makings of a perfect Saturday. What I found was beer, food trucks, and art (right on) but also large quantities of dogs (a plus) being walked by couples with babies (no thanks).

This brought up a lot of questions and theories about Raleigh and what the ten years after college hold. When you get a dog is this an unknown signal to your ovaries to start gearing up for a baby? Is Bull City Cider the best cider in the Triangle (yes, the answer is yes)? Is the entire population of Raleigh in a relationship? Is a brined jerk chicken sandwich with pineapple slices the best food truck item of 2017? Does that mean I peaked on sandwiches this year? Why do I spend so much money at any place with the word "market" in the title?

After pondering these extremely important and reasonable questions, I decided to make a list of some of the awesome people/places/things from my weekend. Check them out and comment with any suggestions for my next day trip to Raleigh.

Pop-Up Raleigh - They offer a monthly vintage and art market at Trophy Brewery. 

Trophy Brewing - We went to their Maywood Ave. location, which has a taproom and a large patio. They have daily food trucks, a dog friendly environment and great beer.

The Wandering Moose - We ate at The Wandering Moose food truck and had their Brined Jerk Chicken and their Smokey Bacon Mac N' Cheese (two of my favorite things). The sandwich had caramelized pineapple and cilantro-jalapeno coleslaw. It was amazing. 

Bull City Cider - To go with my amazing food, I had my favorite cider from the Triangle. Their Durham location should be opening this month!

Par-Mar - Makes really cute map art. I bought a birthday present there for my brother.

Patina Novum - Had adorable, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. Also the owner rocked and I want to see this business thrive.

Retro Reclamations - Growing up in a house where my mom was always looking for Pyrex has made me hyperaware when I see any pottery. This place has a great vintage collection.