Dino-mite DIY (Part II of II)

On Monday I wrote about my new favorite planter. He is a brontosaurus. He is about 12 inches long and 15 inches tall and he has two succulents in his back. It was a really easy DIY project that had amazing results and I am always getting compliments on it. On Etsy these will run you about $17-30 but I only spent $3. Happy crafting friends. 


  • Toy Dinosaur of at least 8 inches (I had one from my childhood but you can find them everywhere) - $1–$3
  • Drill and drill bit*
  • Boxcutter
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Succulent or Air Fern - $2–4
  • Potting soil or moss
  • Multi-surface spray paint/primer* - $2–6

*Drill bits will differ based on dino size and whether it is hollow or not.

*I did not spray paint mine as it has sentimental value to me but I definitely suggest painting them for a cute pop of color.


1. My dinosaur for this planter was not hollow, however almost any you find will be. Plan out where you want the hole(s) and then cut it out with the box cutter. Or, if it isn't hollow, then drill out the center, making sure to stop before going through the dinosaur. We used a 1.5" spade drill bit however I am sure a forstner bit would also work well, if not better.

2. Now drill 1 to 2 holes in the bottom of the dinosaur to allow for water to flow out. This is essential if you are using succulents because it will stop water from accumulating. Those roots need air. 

3. Use coarse sandpaper around the edges. I felt this was needed for my drilled out dino as the edges were more torn up. It just makes it look neat.

4. Time to paint! Primer is always a good idea before painting, but if you don't have it then make sure to buy enough spray paint to get even coats. If you didn't paint yours, like me, then you are done!

5. If you are using succulents then fill the inside with potting soil, there is special fast-draining soil for succulents which I recommend, and plant the little guy in. The succulent I used is ideal as you can get 3-4 of them in each pot for only $3 and they have a small root system. If you are using an air fern, which is good for the smaller dinos, you only have to fill the inside with moss to fill it out. Air Ferns don't need soil, they just need to be misted daily or, what I do, submerged in water weekly. 

6. This planter will make you smile every time you see it so make sure to plant it somewhere that you and everyone else can enjoy it.