Oh, for shore!

My parents moved to Wilmington, NC a year ago and I have loved every second of it. Weekends spent on the beach are about all you can ask for in your parent's next home. Since this weekend is a holiday I decided to head home and soak up some sun. My dad and I have been talking about going to the Fort Fisher Aquarium for months and on Saturday we made the short trek. It was so much fun watching my dad stare with childlike enthusiasm at the jellyfish and the seahorses and pointing out hidden eels eagerly. Using this as inspiration I drew up some of these aquatic friends and hit the beach. 

I am currently in a Motion Graphics class and our final project has no subject. I knew I wanted to do something related to nature as that is an area I am super passionate about. The trip to the aquarium did the trick and gave me a ton of inspiration for what friendly ocean life to animate. Here are some pictures of the fun animals we saw.