Happy Camper

Ten days, three states, four parks and countless breathtaking views later, my body is tired but pleased, a feeling I have become happily familiar with after finishing a week of camping, or even an hour spent hiking. There is a reason why people seek the trails. Hiking is happy. 

Growing up in an outdoor-enthusiast's paradise, my early life was filled with nature. Unlike my sister, who by fifth grade openly stated she would not be going on any more of our family camping trips, I have continued to seek out other nature-lovers throughout my life. This love is how I ended up on a spring break trip with fourteen totally-awesome nature nerds. 

In just ten days we volunteered at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, drove through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park, and hiked around Zion National Park. In ten days I only showered a handful of times, ate large amounts of scrambled eggs, got a successful farmers tan that will take months to undo; lost "Odds Are," stripped, and ran into a freezing cold lake; and hiked Angel's Landing and will never forget the adrenaline rush of sitting at the top. In ten days I made memories with my best friend and made memories with some new friends. Happy trails to them.


Photo Credit: Emily Rose and Emily Bulla