Life Succs Without You (Part I of II)

I love plants even more than I love puns. A glance around my small bedroom will reveal three cacti, four succulents and a large snake plant. My happy, thriving, oxygen-purifying friends bring daily joy and a pop of color to my life. 

My love for plants comes from my mom. During the winter, she brings her pots in and our house has close to fifty in every nook and cranny. Most importantly, there is her impressive garden. This year, I have channeled my mom, my passion for design and my inner plant-goddess to end up with some really cute pots and plant arrangements. 

My favorite "pot" was from my my dad at Christmas. He took one of my old dinosaur toys and helped me craft it into a planter. I will be posting the DIY for it later this week so keep your eye out. Meanwhile, I found some dino/animal planters on Etsy to inspire your future project both visually and also monetarily (with my DIY you will save money as mine only cost a few dollars). 

Gold T-Rex - $27+

Customize your Dino - $24+

White and Gold Giraffe - $24

Green Rhino - $22.50