The Little Black Cat

Black cats are bad luck. Definitely don't let them cross your path. Or so you have heard. 

With their origins rooted in witchery and their symbolization of evil omens, black cats have had a negative image in Western history. Combine those superstitions with how hard they are to photograph - tending to show up as dark blobs with demonic glowing eyes - and you have more black cats in need of a home than any other color. By not photographing as well, potential cat owners are less likely to connect with shelters and rescues through their websites and on social media. As a result, black cats have the highest euthanasia rate of any animal.

As a black cat owner and a proponent of #adoptdontshop, this statistic saddens me. To say hair color doesn't matter sounds ridiculous, but with 1.4 million cats being euthanized every year and over 400,000 of them being black, I hope people will not only visit more shelters, adopt more animals, but also will keep their mind open about our darker feline friends. 

I made a list of both local and national pet searches below. So please go find your next best friend.