My Reading List

One of my favorite books is Goodnight Moon. My love of books began with it. Read to me by my mom almost every night, I am pretty sure I can recite it all from memory. Racing to be the first to point to the hidden mouse on each page, my earliest memories associated fun and happiness with reading. 

As I got older my appetite for stories was never satiated. Roald Dahl showed me that imagination has no limits, Dickens and I fought through fifth grade, Tolstoy taught me it is okay to not finish every book you try (War and Peace anyone?) and J.K. Rowling showed me some series will never lose their magic.

My book consumption slowed like any metabolism leaving their teenage years and entering college. But instead of gaining beer weight I just lost a piece of happiness. Now that I am about to graduate I am in desperate need of some good reads and some good rereads. I made this illustration to keep me inspired and hold myself accountable. As I get more suggestions (comment below!) I will write them into each book outline and as I finish each book I will color that part in. At the end I will have a fully colored page. 

Here are some that I have on my list currently: