State of Bean

Coffee is sacred. The shop, stand, cart... all deities in their own right. Each place has its own personality, appealing to every type of person. Whether you are up late reading a book, going on vacation, or just have five minutes between meetings at work, a cup of joe is a cultural experience. Ask a Seattleite their choice of beverage, roast of beans and favorite coffee shop and you will see intimately into their soul. Rarely does a local not worship at the altar of the coffee bean. 

Until now. 

Here I am, about to enter the unique coffee culture of Seattle and yet I do not like coffee. Ice it, steam it, add cream, chocolate and sugar, try anything you want, and I still won't like it. After living in London for six months, another land of coffee (and tea), I know what kind of backlash one can receive for abstaining from the hourly coffee runs in the office: questions, weird looks, confusion, sadness and everything in-between. I wonder if I will ever be able to fully integrate into society without a daily java. Over the next few weeks I plan on trying different coffee combinations in hopes I will just eventually fall in love or find something mildly passable. Let me know if you have any recommendations.